Chris Rosser

Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist

Solo Recordings


A Thousand Hands (2014)

Hidden Everywhere (2006) 


A collection of songs written and recorded for various holiday compilation CD's over the years.

 There are four original songs with a unique perspective on the holiday season, and a cover of "The Little Drummer Boy" featuring River Guerguerian on Middle Eastern percussion.

Chris Rosser: vocal, acoustic guitar, piano, wurlitzer, dotar, harmonium, percussion, bass, octave mandolin, sitar, tambura

River Guerguerian: drum kit (trk 2), percussion (trk 4) 

Lynn Rosser, David LaMotte, Kristin DeWitt, Anne Lalley, Joe Ebel, Bert Sigmon: vocals (trk 5) 

cover design: Lynn Rosser


Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio, Asheville NC

Mastered by Michael Hynes, Nomatic Studio, Asheville NC

Graphic Design by Lynn Morgan Rosser

Piano tracks recorded at Sound Temple Studio by Robert George


Chris Rosser: vocals, guitars, piano, wurlitzer, bass, dotar, cumbus oud, percussion, mandolin, harmonium

River Guerguerian: drum kit, percussion

Lynn Rosser: harmony vocals


"Chris Rosser is his own tour de force. An accomplished producer and instrumentalist, a graceful writer and a proficient singer, Rosser's Hidden Everywhere is an outstanding expression of all of his talents combined."- Kari Estrin, Sing Out Magazine

 "These are not songs of the moment nor are they 'ditties' or anything of that ilk. They are life set to music so well that you wish you had the talent but, lacking that, are glad that he does. Sometimes you need more than the music or the lyrics—you need the music AND lyrics welded seamlessly together and that is precisely what he gives us. Hidden Everywhere is nothing less than food for the soul."- Frank Gutch, Jr, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Chris Rosser
Hollow Reed Arts, Asheville NC
Mastered by David Glasser, Airshow, Boulder CO
Design: Claudine Mansour Design
Photography: David LaMotte
Personnel: Chris Rosser, River Guerguerian, Eliot Wadopian, Stephanie Corby, Beth Wood, Lynn Rosser & Don Porterfield


The Holy Fool (2000)


"Now he has at last released The Holy Fool and it's an affirmation of Rosser's considerable talents, with more fine songs combining often-unexpected lyrics, with a tastefully eclectic musical backing. At the center remains Rosser's warm personable voice..."  - George Graham, WVIA-FM

"What evolved planet did this person drop in from? It gives one pause when someone so talented and unique is also so unassuming...Rosser's themes and instrumentation, indeed the very spirit in his songs, span many places, and many times. "  -Frank Goodman,
Recorded, mixed & produced by Chris Rosser
Hollow Reed Studios, Asheville NC
Assistant Engineer: Lynn Rosser
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow, Boulder CO
Photography: Ron Roman, Lynn Rosser
Design: Carol Norton

Personnel: Chris Rosser, Arnold Sykes, Tony Creasman, David Johnson, Brandon Bush, Safed Fareed, Doug Shearer, Joe Ebel, Anne Lalley, Beth Wood, Tom Prasada-Rao, Lynn Rosser, David LaMotte, Kristin DeWitt, Bert Sigmon


Archaeology (1997) 


"Archaeology sounds like the work of a seasoned pro...a wonderful debut from an artist with a heart of gold." --Neil Fagan,The Performing Songwriter

"This guy's brand new. Be the first on your block. A beautiful debut." --Christine Lavin

Recorded, mixed & produced by Chris Rosser Hollow Reed Studios, Asheville NC
Assistant engineering: Grant Andrew, Wade Starnes, Steven Heller
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow
Photography: Lynne Siler
Design: Carol Norton

Personnel:  Chris Rosser, Donny Marshall, Wade Starnes, David Johnson, Stephanie Winters, Joel Pressman, Safed Fareed, Dubhghlas, David Cohen, Billy Jonas, Christine Kane, David Wilcox, Nance Pettit, Mary Davis, Walter Parks, Andy Rosser, Anne Lalley, Lynn Rosser, Georgia Pressman, Marshall Ballew

Free Planet Radio Recordings

Global Symphony Project (2015)
Featuring The Opal String Quartet

The Unraveling (2008)


“The Unraveling is an enthralling new CD showcasing some of the nicest acoustic world world beat blends coming out of the many aromatic sonic flavors of Eastern and Middle Eastern origin. Grab this perfectly balanced mixture of jazz, ethnic, chamber music and a dash of funkiness. I can’t live without it. An absolute stunner!”

— Gene Berger, Horizon Records, Greenville, SC


New Bedouin Dance (2004) 


“Music like this is good for us- it’s healthy to find a piece of art to lose yourself in…. 
Go find this album and get lost in the world for a while. It’s a nice place. 5 big fat stars all around.”

— Chris Cooper, Smoky Mountain News


Other Recordings

The April Sessions (2013)
 (feat. Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, Zack Page & River Guerguerian)


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Michael Hynes
Sound Temple Studio, Asheville NC
Assistant Engineering: Billy Cardine, Robert George, Chris Rosser

Personnel: Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, River Guerguerian, Zack Page